Jonathan Schooler

Jonathan Schooler


Dr. Schooler joined the faculty at UCSB as a Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences in 2007. He has authored over 200 scientific publications with over 19,000 total citations. His research has been supported by more than a dozen governmental agencies and private foundations. He teaches courses in Mindfulness, Cognitive Psychology, Memory, and Consciousness.

Michael Mrazek

Michael Mrazek

Director of Research

Michael’s research identifies innovative ways to increase the effectiveness of mindfulness training, particularly in high schools. He also tests the limits of how much a person can improve through intensive evidence-based training programs that target health, mindfulness, and self-control. His research has been featured widely in international press, appearing in dozens of outlets including the New York Times Magazine, Scientific American, Forbes, and Men's Health.

Alissa Mrazek

Alissa Mrazek

Senior Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Alissa earned her BA from Cornell and her Ph.D. in psychology from Northwestern. Her research focuses on interventions promoting mindfulness, self-regulation, and adaptive mindsets. She’s certified as a teaching consultant from the Northwestern Searle Center for Advanced Learning and Teaching, and she has extensive experience teaching self-regulation and compassion in academic courses as well as retreats.

Post-Bac Researchers & Collaborators

Peter Carr

Peter Carr

Lead Engineer

Peter is a software engineer primarily focused on crafting a scalable and complete frontend experience. As a core full-stack engineer, he has helped take several tech startups to successful acquisitions. Pete now focuses on creating user-friendly and scalable applications that are performant across mobile and web devices.

Alex Delegard Picture

Alex Delegard

Lead Software Architect

Alex is a full-stack software engineer with a passion for all aspects of development. He has expertise in both NodeJS and React, and he has spent the last few years successfully scaling up a health and wellness company to 20+ million users.

Margaret's Photo

Margaret Ding

Post Baccalaureate Researcher

Margaret graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Psychology and minors in Public Health and Nutrition. As an undergrad, she worked as a research assistant at the NYU RISE Lab studying the effectiveness of a social justice intervention. Her interests in health and wellness, as well as intervention-based studies, has brought her to her position at CMHP. As a post-bac, she is assisting with research and musician outreach for the Mindful Education Initiative. Margaret plans on pursuing a graduate degree in Psychology and hopes to continue to work with children and young adults.

Daniel's Photo

Daniel Garcia

Post Baccalaureate Researcher

Daniel earned his B.S. in Psychology from UC San Diego in 2019. As an undergrad, he was an instructional apprentice and worked as a research assistant on various projects. He is now cultivating his experience in research methods and statistics through the Mindful Education Initiative. He plans to pursue a doctorate degree in Social Psychology to research the delay of gratification and temporal discounting.

Jennie's Photo

Jennie Greenstein

Post Baccalaureate Researcher

Jennie graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a B.A. in Psychological & Brain Sciences and Educational Studies and a minor in English. At WashU, she completed a senior thesis in the Personality Measurement and Development Lab, examining grit change in middle school students. As a post-bac, Jennie is the teacher liaison and works to promote fidelity of implementation in schools. She plans to earn a doctoral degree in School Psychology and is interested in social emotional learning interventions in schools.

Erika's Photo

Erika Kodama

Lead Designer

Erika recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Art. Her interests in mindfulness and visual design have brought her to CMHP where she is currently working as the lead designer. In the future, Erika plans to pursue UX/UI design to integrate her research experience and training in the arts. 

Miel's Photo

Miel Krauss

Post Baccalaureate Researcher

Miel recently graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Cognitive Science and minors in Occupational Science and Cinematic Arts. She has worked in various labs with focuses ranging from computational linguistics to alcohol metabolism. Drawing on previous work with mindfulness interventions, Miel continues to strengthen her understanding of the field through her research and design experiences at CMHP. Miel plans to pursue graduate school in Occupational Therapy and work with special populations of children and adults.

Crystal's Photo

Crystal Stokes

Research Volunteer

Crystal is an associate clinician, teacher, speaker, and psychology-coach specialized in personal development and mental health. She has earned her B.S. from North Carolina State University and her M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Sofia University in Palo Alto. Working at Mission Harbor Behavioral Health, Crystal is specialized in the treatment of anxiety, PTSD, substance use disorder and eating disorders through modalities such as ERP, ACT, and PE.

Kyla's Photo

Kyla Wickens

Post Baccalaureate Researcher

Kyla graduated from Emory University with a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology. Her ongoing academic and non-academic experiences with children and young adults have brought her to CMHP to help refine an adolescent intervention. Kyla works as a teacher liaison and aims to increase intervention implementation in schools across the country. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and open her own art therapy clinic in the future.

Sid Zagri

Sid Zagri

Development & Community Outreach

Sid Zagri has been involved in business development over the past 30 years for both for profit and not for profit ventures. This includes organizations that are focused on child empowerment as well as businesses in the information technology industry. Sid knows first hand the power of mindfulness by virtue of his training and teaching martial arts for the past 25 years. He's passionate about bringing mindfulness to teachers and students around the globe by supporting development and community outreach for CMHP.

Board of Advisors

Richard Mayer
Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences, UCSB

Andrew Maul
Associate Professor, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UCSB

Steve Cole
Professor, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, UCLA

Michael Furlong
Professor, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UCSB

Shelly Gable
Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences, UCSB

Barry Giesbrecht
Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences, UCSB

Scott Grafton
Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences, UCSB

Shane Jimerson
Professor, Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology, UCSB

Art Kramer
Director, Beckman Institute for Advanced Science & Technology, U of IL Urbana-Champagne

Brenda Major
Professor, Psychological & Brain Sciences, UCSB

George Michaels
Executive Director, Instructional Development, UCSB

Mark Shishim
Director, Academic Initiatives, UCSB

Our Story

We are a rapidly growing team on a mission to integrate the best science and technology to improve the lives of students around the world. The Center for Mindfulness & Human Potential was founded in 2016 by Jonathan Schooler, Michael Mrazek, and Dawa Phillips.  With the generous support of the U.S. Dept. of Education and the Shao Family Charitable Trust, we are making and sharing discoveries about how to teach mindfulness most effectively to youth. The discoveries we make will culminate in a scalable online mindfulness training program that is systematically and continuously refined through empirical research with thousands of diverse high school students. If you would like to get involved in any way, please don't hesitate to reach out to